Learning German at indisoft

Learning German at indisoft – understanding and being understood

Speaking a country's language, or a foreign language, is not only the key to integration, it is also essential for being able to compete on the job market. If you live and work in Germany, learning German as part of a "German" course is therefore of immense benefit. If you have good German language skills you increase your chances of getting a good job, but you will also benefit in your private life: you will be able to better communicate with other people, such as with your neighbours, while out shopping or when visiting the authorities.

Learning German – forms of teaching & funding options

At indisoft you can learn German in many different ways and with various funding options. Be it as a classic language course, as educational leave or funded through an education bonus – indisoft offers many different ways of learning German! If you receive funding via an education voucher you can even learn German free of charge with us.

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What we have to offer you

Learning German at indisoft indisoft sees teaching the German language as more than just a technical exercise. In addition to spelling, grammar and vocabulary, we also teach you subject-specific knowledge. In addition to learning pronunciation and intonation, text reception and reproduction, we also teach you the following subject areas: business correspondence; drawing up offers, orders, invoices and reminders in a business context; specialist knowledge about admission consultations and discussing medical history and treatments; business structures and international management – all tailored to meet your individual needs and wishes.

We assess your language skills

Following a free aptitude test to determine your language skills, we make you an offer that allows you to successfully learn German. Further training at indisoft can be state-subsidised, such as via the education voucher of the employment agency or the job centre, via the education bonus or as educational leave.

Learning German at indisoft

German language skills as a springboard for your career

German language skills are absolutely essential for most jobs. You need German language skills in customer service, to give presentations to colleagues and customers, to be able to understand what's going on in meetings and of course to get to know and understand German history and culture. You are better off with good language skills everywhere, be it in business, in healthcare or in the media sector, in the commercial-technical fields of application, in information technology and above all as a specialist or executive.

Learning German therefore opens the doors to a professional career. It is important to understand that even the best qualifications, such as in engineering, medicine or computer programming, are only one side of the coin – without sufficient language skills the hurdles you face when communicating with employers, colleagues and customers are virtually insurmountable. Employees who know at least two languages are particularly sought-after in the job market.

Every beginning is hard – but it's worth it

"Life is too short to learn German" (Oscar Wilde)

Of course, learning German is a challenge. Even some Germans have difficulties distinguishing between the dative and genitive case. But: everyone can learn German at indisoft – it's worth your while!

Language skills are the key qualification in the job market. Employers almost always look for applicants who speak good German. What's more, the service sector is expanding in Germany, which means that language skills are becoming more and more important. If you are learning German it is also a huge plus point if you know at least one additional language. Companies like to employ people who speak more than one language as it helps with communicating with international customers. Take advantage of this training opportunity! Learn German!

German skills are also sought-after around the world. Companies look for specialists who, in addition to their mother tongue and of course English, also know at least one additional language. Germany as a leading economy is in demand worldwide, and being able to communicate with German companies is an important factor for an increasing number of international companies and corporations. As an employer with language skills you have excellent chances of acting as an interface to international customers in a large company. If in addition to your technical expertise you also speak other languages, you will be enormously useful to your employer.

What's the best way to learn German?

indisoft has decades of experience in teaching theory and practice. We are therefore able to provide you with the learning package to suit your needs. Be it one-on-one tuition, intensive courses, learning in open groups or crash courses if you're in a hurry – the choice is yours! You can rely on a pool of experienced lecturers as well as native speakers, who teach you German with skill, real-life examples and many different teaching materials.

Without a doubt, the most important thing about learning a foreign language is language practice, i.e. applying what you have learnt in an everyday context. German is no exception. That's why the courses at indisoft focus on talking to each other in addition to working with the teaching materials. It is increasingly common in everyday working life to discuss your work with colleagues and customers. Even in areas where there is relatively little contact with customers, such as software development, language skills are essential: for the internal documentation of work processes, new findings or problems with the company's Wiki, to present the latest software to another department or during meetings with customers to convince them of your technical and linguistic skills.

A language course at indisoft is also designed to motivate you to engage with the German language outside the classroom. The better you know a country's language, the better you understand its culture and its people. You can expand your vocabulary by including proverbs, figures of speech, certain specifically German word creations, which will all help you become more familiar with the German language. Your familiarity with idiomatic expressions, for example, can convince a potential employer of your language skills and at the same time your ability to learn new subjects.

Why should you learn German at indisoft?

  1. German is the key to integrating in Germany
  2. Once you have completed the DaF course at indisoft it will be easier for you to communicate with neighbours, friends and the authorities
  3. Specific "German" skills will enhance your chances on the job market
  4. Companies prefer specialists who know several languages, which is why you should attend the indisoft DaF course.

Get in touch with us, and we will draw up your personal training plan!

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